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Religious Tourism

Religious tourism is a global tourist and travel trend, highlighting the human need to connect with the Divine throughout time. A person travels thousands of kilometers with faith as their guide, in order to perform their religious duties in places of sanctuary.

Ampelakia, with its natural beauty, combined with the exceptional artistic and architectural value of religious monuments, gives travelers and pilgrims from all over the world the opportunity to feel and experience their history.

Holy Monastery Saint George of Ampelakia

The church of Saint George is built in the late 15th or early 16th century, with remarkable interior frescoes and rare icons, with the most important being the enthroned St. George.

Holy Monastery of Nikodemos

It is located on the foothills of Olympus, near the villages of Pyrgetos and Aegani, and is home to seven monks and three trainees.

Holy Monastery of St. Raphael

The Holy Monastery of Saints Rafael, Nicholas and Irene of Larissa is located at a panoramic position on the foothills of Olympus, about 40 km from Larissa, between the villages of Pyrgetos and Aegani.

In the Katholikon, a piece of Saint Raphael's Remains is kept.

Holy Monastery of Metamorphoseos Sotiros

The Holy Monastery of Metamorphoseos Sotiros is located in a verdant area beside a deep gorge, between the villages of Pyrgetos, Rapsani and Krania.

After many years of devastation, Gerontissa Christonimfis, virtuous and well-known for her bravery and patience, settled in the monastery and stayed there for thirty years, until her sleeping on December 14, 2011.

Today, in the Holy Monastery live two monks and one trainee.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Glykofillousa

In 1997, in Rapsani, Larissa, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Glykofillousa was founded. It is one of the eight women's monasteries in Greece today, who have the spiritual guidance of elder Ephraim.

The monastery is quite hospitable and jaunty.

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