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Wine Routes

Follow the wine routes, guided the path of the wine of the Gods of Olympus and taste the nectar of the Greek land, discover its long history and its well hidden secrets that led it to the top of winemaking internationally.

The Tempi Valley is the natural southern boundary of the Wine Routes of Northern Greece.

Here, in the crystal waters of the springs, the Muses of Apollon extracted after the death of the Dragon Python, mythology is told.

From here begins the first route of the Wine Routes of Northern Greece, the Route of the Gods of Olympus, with the vineyard stations of the winery TsantaliDougosCHRYSOHOOYLIAPI in Rapsani and the vineyards of Katsarou winery in Krania.

Perched at 800 meters from the southeastern foothills of Mount Olympus, Rapsani looks over the blue Aegean Sea, the Thermaic Gulf, the beaches of Halkidiki, the ridges of Ossa and the Thessaly plain. Its vineyard spreads to one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece, on the hillsides of Prophet Elias. On these peaks was born the legend of Nectar, the drink of the gods of Olympus.

Here is the zone POP Rapsani. POP Rapsani wine is produced exclusively by the co-vinification of three red varieties: Xinomavro, Krasato and Stavroto.

From Rapsani, can easily visit the vineyards of Krania. The climatic conditions prevailing in the area are a factor contributing to the production of high quality wines.

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